In the flood disaster in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Zhuozhou is one of the most seriously affected areas. The flooded area once reached 60% of the city, and the average standing water was 1-1.5m deep. Rescue forces and people from many parts of the country went all out to fight floods and provided relief. After the water receded, the after-sales service department of Haitian Precision quickly formed a Zhuozhou emergency repair team, continuously visited nearly ten customers, and quickly entered the site of severely affected customers for repair.

After the emergency repair team overcame the difficulties and arrived at the site, they found the equipment seriously damaged. In addition to silt deposition, some were even soaked in water for too long and could not be used. In front of the difficulties of water and electricity shortage, after-sales personnel used generators and water cannon trucks to carry out operations, investigated the affected equipment one by one, and carried out post-disaster repair work, such as dredging and sewage disposal. They cleaned the lathe body, chip extractor, water tank, electric cabinet and other parts, cleaned and carried out anti-rust treatment for rail, lead screw, bearing and other parts, as well as repaired and disassembled the damaged parts. Devices that cannot be processed on site were transferred to professional institutions for testing and repair.

Time is efficiency. In the face of natural disasters, Haitian Precision’s timely response ensured the production safety needs of customers in the first time, and the professional after-sales service relieved the pressure of customers and strengthened their confidence in post-disaster reconstruction. Adhering to the concept of “High Quality and High Efficiency, Sincere Service”, Haitian Precision continuously optimizes the quality of after-sales service, and delivers five commitments of being fast, efficient, accurate, thoughtful and thorough to each customer. The service hotline 4009262116 is available for you all day long, to escort your production.