With the continuous improvement and advancement of my country’s new energy vehicle development policy, the market competitiveness of new energy vehicles has increased significantly. According to the domestic new energy vehicle sales data released by the China Passenger Vehicle Association in the first half of 2021, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles reached 1,007 million in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 220.9%, basically equal to the total volume of 2020.

New energy vehicles have three core components, “electric motor, electric battery, and electronic control”, that is the “three-electric system” of new energy vehicles. The motor is composed of upper and lower end caps and shells. After the batteries are grouped, shell protection and metal heat dissipation systems are also required. Electronic control components also need shells to protect. Therefore, the manufacture of new energy vehicles requires a large amount of metal shell processing.

Haitian Precision has transformed rapidly, upgraded the research and development of general-purpose machine models, and launched a one-stop component solution for the new energy vehicle market.

1.machine tools are sharper and faster.

2.the machine tool with high pressure CTS, powerful, large-flow external cooling, and micro oil-mist cooling.

3.the excitation frequency of the machine tool, the rigidity of the tool and the rigidity of the fixture are overall enhancement.

Haitian Precision will stand up to the forefront and face the challenges, with technological innovation as the core, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, and provide professional equipment with powerful performance and high cost-effectiveness for the development of domestic new energy vehicles.

Front and rear subframe processing-HPC1000 horizontal machining center

XYZ axis rapid feed speed: 60M/min

Built-in spindle: HSK100A-8000rpm

BC axis: five-axis linkage

The thick overall bed, optimized rib cavity structure, equipped with an integrated high-speed electric spindle, would cope with high-speed, high-precision machining to heavy cutting machining.High-speed feed servo axis and fast-rotating APC.

Battery chassis processing-BEL/BFL high-speed double column machining center

XYZ axis rapid feed speed: 60/40/36 M/min

Built-in spindle: HSK63A-24000rpm

Built-in spindle: BT40-12000rpm

High rigidity of base parts, light weight of moving parts.High-speed moving structure of integrated gantry frame with beam and column.The A/C head can be retracted into the saddle to shorten the height of the column beam and improve the rigidity of the machine tool.

Battery, electronic control management box processing-CFV1000Lite vertical machining center

XY axis rapid feed speed: 48M/min

Z axis acceleration: 1G

Built-in spindle: BBT30-18000rpm

Spindle 0-6000 fast start and stop: 0.2s

T-T tool change time: 0.8s

Separate tool magazine structure to realize pre-preparation of tools to ensure the efficiency of tool change, which would be expanded to 30 tool magazines at most.

Processing of battery chassis side beams and anti-collision beams-CHM550 vertical machining center

XYZ axis rapid feed speed: 36/36/36M/min

Spindle speed: 12000rpm

Spindle power: 7.5/18kW

Using a moving column vertical machining center which would be configured with B axis to process curved parts.The tool magazine moves along the X axis with the column, and the tool change speed is greatly improved compared with the traditional tool magazine on the fixed bed.The entire processing area adopts a full enclosure design with top cover to ensure the cleanliness of the factory.