Chongqing, a crucial economic stronghold in the western region and a key national modern manufacturing base, holds a significant position in China’s manufacturing landscape. At the 2024 Chongqing Lijia Machine Tool Exhibition, Haitian Precision focused on industry needs and precise positioning, using high-quality products and advanced technology to ignite the city and promote industry exchange and development.

At the exhibition, Haitian Precision showcased its HPC500Ⅱ horizontal machining center, VMC850HS high-speed vertical machining center, and TC250 CNC lathe, which attracted keen inquiries from visitors. Currently, the downstream industrial application fields are raising their requirements for machine tool precision, efficiency, and stability. Particularly in the fields of new energy vehicles, energy, and aviation, there is a growing demand for high-end machine tools. Haitian Precision leveraged its strengths to launch products that meet market demands, demonstrating strong competitiveness and earning praise and recognition from users.

As a manufacturing powerhouse, Chongqing is steadily progressing on the path of collaborative and efficient development. Haitian Precision provides comprehensive support for industrial revitalization, continuously increasing investment and making sustained efforts in innovative manufacturing, structural optimization, and digital transformation, thereby assisting in the transformation of high-quality technological achievements into new quality productive forces.