Recently, the Haitian Precision after-sales service department organized a series of customer empowerment training activities in Jiangsu, providing systematic training  on machine tool usage for numerous clients. These sessions aimed to further enhance customers’ technical coursesproficiency in operating the equipment and improve production efficiency.

The training courses were comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics from the basic theories of CNC systems to practical applications, programming techniques to fault diagnosis, cutting parameter optimization to tool wear monitoring. This full-spectrum approach ensured that participants could handle all aspects of machine tool usage with greater ease. The courses included numerous practical case studies, allowing trainees to familiarize themselves with techniques in a simulated environment and effectively apply what they learned. The participants engaged in serious study and active exchanges, integrating theory with practice, and expressed that they found the training highly beneficial.

Through a series of offline training activities, customers gained a deeper understanding of Haitian Precision’s manufacturing capabilities and developed significant trust in its equipment and service levels. During the training, they not only acquired advanced technical knowledge but also improved their work efficiency and processing quality, marking an excellent opportunity for cooperation and win-win outcomes.

In the rapidly evolving industrial era, each technological advancement relies on talent cultivation and enhancement. Haitian Precision remains steadfast in its customer-centric approach, emphasizing quality and service. By providing products that meet customers’ needs and continuously improving service levels, the company empowers customers, fostering growth and mutual success.