H Series

  • Specifications cover 63H/80H/100H/125H
  • High-power high-torque full gear box structure spindle
  • High-precision large load bearing worktable
  • Safe, convenient and efficient double pallet changer
  • Excellent chip removal ability
  • Stable and reliable tool exchange system

H Series

Precision to the Point

The heavy-cutting high-rigidity rectangular-guide horizontal processing center for H series is a machine tool structure which integrates international advanced design concept and is more suitable for heavy cutting of large parts. It adopts ultra-wide guide structure and is famous for its wide processing range. Product application areas: mechanical processing in the automotive, petroleum, electric power, locomotive, plastic machinery, engineering machinery and other industries.

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Large-diameter spindle
Large-diameter spindle

The large-diameter spindle is supported by long-span precision bearings, which can obtain extremely high precision and rigidity. The end face of the spindle adopts a tubeless nozzle design to eliminate the accumulation of chips and facilitate the machining of the workpiece.

Heavy structure
Heavy structure

The main structure of the machine tool is a T-shaped bed, with hanging box layout and the M-shaped ribs are arranged inside the bed, which makes the bed structure heavy. The guide rail adopts a hardened grinding rectangular guide rail support structure, so that the machine tool has better processing rigidity.

High-precision large load bearing worktable
High-precision large load bearing worktable

The NC rotary table adopts a dedicated rotary table bearing with a larger supporting inner diameter to minimize the vibration generated during processing. The worktable clamping adopts a multi-point positioning structure, which effectively reduces the deformation of the worktable while improving the positioning accuracy.

Reliable tool magazine exchange system
Reliable tool magazine exchange system

The tool magazine can provide stable and accurate tool exchange for heavy tools, and the fully enclosed shield at the periphery of the tool magazine allows the operator to safely perform tool exchange and handling.