The five-day CCMT 2024, the 13th China CNC Machine Tools Exhibition, has successfully concluded yesterday. Industry partners, professional institutions, and media organizations from around the globe gathered to witness this grand event. As a leader in the domestic machine tool industry, Haitian Precision debuted many innovative products and technological achievements, showcasing the new face of China’s intelligent manufacturing to the world.

With superb technology, excellent craftsmanship, and reliable quality, Haitian Precision captivated many visitors. The ingenious design of their booth and the displayed models fully demonstrated the company’s deep strength and innovative spirit in machine tool manufacturing.

In addition, numerous well-known domestic and international experts and scholars visited Haitian Precision’s booth to discuss the trends and innovations in the machine tool industry.

At this exhibition, Haitian Precision introduced six high-performance, high-precision, and highly efficient machine tools, achieving breakthroughs in structural design, control systems, and machining accuracy. Visitors were particularly impressed, praising Haitian Precision’s products. The newly developed GFM650 gantry five-axis high-speed milling center and the HF80H horizontal five-axis machining center, which features both horizontal and vertical processing capabilities, were the highlights of the show, attracting continuous consultations.

During the exhibition, Haitian Precision also held numerous machines live cutting explanations and interactive activities, vividly demonstrating the powerful performance and machining examples of the machines, bringing a new feast of vision and knowledge to the audience. Furthermore, professional application engineers provided explanations to university study groups, enhancing Haitian Precision’s friendships and collaborations within the industry and injecting new vitality and momentum for the company’s future development.

On the stage of CCMT 2024, Haitian Precision, with its strong manufacturing power and excellent product quality, received widespread praise and recognition. Looking to the future, Haitian Precision will meet the demands of new productive forces with original technology and high-quality standards, providing strong support for the high-end, intelligent, and green transformation of the manufacturing industry. Thank you for your company, and we look forward to reuniting next year!