The training plan for the second half of 2021 organized by the After-sales Service Department of Haitian Precision is released. The series of courses include the viewing and application of basic schematic diagrams, the accuracy adjustment of accessory heads, the use methods of Heidenhain, Fanuc and Siemens systems, etc., so as to provide the professional learning platform for the after-sales service personnel of agents and make them quickly respond to the conditions in production and improve production efficiency.

Those who are interested in the courses shall consult:Jing Zhiqiang

Tel.: 15968921090



Course Content

June 24 to 25

View of Schematic Diagram

June 24 to25

Electrical Knowledge Training

June 24 to 25

Use of Heidenhain Five Axes and User Maintenance of Five-axis Machine Tools

August 26 to 27

Use Skills of Heidenhain System and Operation of Company Screen

October 21 to 22

Accuracy Correction and Adjustment of Accessory Head

October 21 to 22

Use Skills of Fanuc System  and Operation Steps of Company Screen

December 23 to 24

Use of Siemens Five Axes and User Maintenance of Five-axis Machine Tools

We welcome all agents to study in beautiful Ningbo!