CNC Lathe

HTC Series

  • Specifications cover HTC150II/HTC200II/HTC300II
  • Full-series motorized spindle
  • Small inertia and quick start and stop
  • Fast servo turret
  • Automated servo tailstock

HTC Series

Product description

HTC Series is an integral cast-iron inclined bed mechanism. Through finite element analysis, the wide-area asynchronous two-speed motorized spindle is used to make the processing faster, more precise and more efficient, and the series is endowed with environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics, therefore widely used in automotive parts, energy, hardware and other precision machining fields.

Quick Check

Max. turning diameter:

Φ400 mm

Max. turning length:

360 mm

Max. spindle speed:

4500 rpm

Spindle power:

11/15 kW

Spindle torque:

158/211 Nm

Rapid traverse X/Y/Z

24/30 m/min


Good reliability
Good reliability

The spindle is driven directly by the built-in motorized spindle without any other transmission links, thus realizing the “zero transmission” of the machine tool with good reliability. The static and dynamic accuracy are high and the stability is good.

Quick start and stop
Quick start and stop

The motorized spindle accelerates and decelerates quickly, and the start and stop time are short, which improves the production efficiency.

Automated servo tailstock
Automated servo tailstock

Automated processing is achieved and programmable torque and long-axis deformation are controlled. The tailstock position and the top tailstock tension can be controlled.

Reduced cost
Reduced cost

The spindle bearing, lead screw and guide rail of the machine are all lubricated with Rube grease, which can greatly reduce the amount of lubricating oil, reduce the pollution of cutting fluid and improve the service life of cutting fluid.