Vertical Machining Center

CFV Series 

  • Specifications cover CFV600/900/1100
  • Configure advanced motorized spindle
  • The rigidity of the basic components is high
  • The mobile components are light
  • Driving system with high dynamic response

CFV Series

Product Description

The CFV series is fixed by A-shaped single column, with mobile structure of worktable. The rigidity of the basic components is high and the mobile components are light, fully conforming to the needs of users. Meanwhile, it is characterized by the environmental protection and energy saving, therefore widely used in high-efficiency and high-precision processing of automobiles, aerospace and dies, etc.

Quick Check

X-Axis travel range:

1100 mm

Y-Axis travel range:

540 mm

Z-Axis travel range:

520 mm

Spindle speed:

12000 rpm

Spindle power:

7.5/11 kW

Max. feed rate:

20 m/min


Advanced electric spindle
Advanced electric spindle

It has a built-in motorized spindle with high speed and high precision, and has no other vibration source. The rotor’s spindle is of single-piece rotation, the dynamic balance is effectively controlled, and the rotation is stable. It is configured with standard constant temperature cooling and rotates stably to achieve continuous rotation of 12,000 rpm for 24 hours.

High torque
High torque

The star delta switches two-stage automatic transmission, low speed and high torque, high speed and constant power. In the ultra-high rigidity clutch, its structure contains no components to absorb the 2-axis deviation and has extremely high torsional stiffness.

Efficient start and stop
Efficient start and stop

It has “zero” transmission, with small inertia, and it is equipped with a stator with the instantaneous high-power output, that is, it only takes 0.8s to start 0-8000 rpm.

Optimized component design
Optimized component design

The basic components are of high rigidity, with a long-span bed base and thickened columns, and the mobile components are light, with total weight of the spindle box and motorized spindle lower than 30% of that of the conventional.